RAW file system

RAW terms

RAW file system

RAW file system is a term used to describe a certain drive error in Windows operating system.

RAW file

RAW file usually refers to a digital image file in the "as is" (not processed, hence the name RAW) and often uncompressed format such as CRW (Canon RAW), ORF (Olympus Raw Format) and so on. The photo recovery software often has an explicit support for RAW image formats.

RAW drive

RAW drive is just a hard drive which has RAW file system on it.

RAW partition

Similarly to a RAW drive, a RAW partition is the (valid) partition which has RAW file system on it.
However, the term "RAW partition" is not always used to describe a failed storage. Certain database systems (e.g. Oracle) use raw partitions to bypass filesystem drivers entirely, cutting the handling and caching overhead. In this case, the entire partition is used to store a database, no other files or folders can be stored on it. This is done to improve performance.

Raw data

Raw data typically refers to a dataset or a data stream exactly as it was received from the source, without any processing or modification.

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