RAW file system

RAW drive recovery

How to recover data from a RAW drive?

Generally, there are two options: recommended because it is safe and read-only and not recommended option involving fixes metadata on the disk.

The recommended approach is to recover data from a RAW drive using any data recovery software. The instructions will be about the same no matter which tool you use:

  1. Download and install data recovery software.
  2. Launch it and wait till it displays all the disks and volumes available on the PC.
  3. Select your RAW drive and launch data recovery on it.
  4. Check files in preview and copy the recovered data if the quality is good.

Please read the detailed comparison of top 5 RAW recovery software if you need to choose the best.

The second option is try to fix NTFS boot sector metadata in place in the hope the OS driver recognizes the valid boot sector and provides access to the data on the volume. We do not recommend this approach because it is unsafe and not read-only, incorrect editing of data can lead to even more destruction and loss of data. If you still want to try, refer here for a possible course of actions.